Hickory sets

Because in life (and golf) you only get one chance to make a good first impression hickoryclubs has invested significant time and money in putting together the best selection of original hickory shaft sets available worldwide. Novice hickory players will notice the difference and are far more likely to enjoy the experience playing with these perfectly balanced sets than with clubs that have been lying unloved in a cellar for 80 years.
www.hickoryclubs.eu has more than 70 sets each containing 6 hickory clubs. These clubs were all made

in the period 1900 to1935 and have been lovingly resorted making them playable again. The grips have been replaced with all weather leather grips in the original style, making them useable in the rain.

De clubs are carried in beautiful leather carry bags, that are copies of a bag designed in 1904. Hickoryclubs.eu is the only hickory hire company in the world that only rents matched sets made by the best Scottish makers, o.a Stewart (St Andrews) Forgan(St Andrews)Winton (Montrose)Gibson(Kinghorn) Nicoll (Leven) and Spalding (Dysart ,Fife)

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A set contains 6 clubs:
- Brassie of spoon (wood 2 of 3)
- Mid iron (iron 4)
- Mashie (iron 6)
- Mashie niblick (iron 8)
- Niblick (PW)
- Putter
- A leather carry bag

Examples of the rental sets.

top row, (from left to right) George Nicoll, Robert Forgan (Flagstick), Tom Stewart , William Gibson (Maxwell)

Bottom row, (from left to right )A G Spalding , Robert Forgan (scottia), St Andrews golf co (Maxwell) Robert Condie

We can also supply expanded sets for use during par 3 competions (including L/H)

Golf balls

Hickory golf clubs were designed to be used with soft golf balls. We recommend using our 1920’s period ball’s (see under), but all Titliest balls are acceptable.

www.hickoryclubs.eu can supply authentic 1920 period golf balls .These balls increase the hickory experience, and give a better feeling of how golf was played 100 years ago.

Hickory shafts can occasionally break with out a player being at fault.
We make no charge for clubs that break under normal use.