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We sell quality golf memorabilia / Wij verkopen antieke golfattributen

€ 100,00Gibson / AH Scott niblick
Star and Crown CM's
€ 75,00Ben Sayers mashie
Bird CM
€ 125,00Spalding mashie niblick
Superb Modern flaged sole model
€ 80,00Gibson mashie niblick
Hugh logan model
€ 75,00Mashie niblick
Glasgow golf company
€ 100,00Maxwell mid iron
Spalding Stainless
€ 150,00Maxweel stainless niblick
The Scottie
€ 100,00Brodie mashie Stainless
James braid model
€ 110,00Gibson Jigger
James Braid stainless
€ 75,00St Andrews mashie
D Anderson diamond back
€ 85,00maxwell driving mashie
rare club
€ 100,00Maxweel mashie niblick
Jb Halley
€ 85,00Robert Condie mashie
St Andrews made club for DW Aucterlonie
€ 75,00flanged mid iron
Spalding long iron
€ 80,00maxwell iron
James Gourlay Carnoustie
€ 80,00Winton mid iron
excellent club ready to use
€ 75,00Robert Simpson , Carnoustie Special mashie
37.5 inch playable mashie
€ 96,80Cochranes Eidinburgh mashie niblick
€ 85,00James Gourlay Carnoustie mashie niblick
€ 65,00niblick from unknown maker
€ 125,00Tom Stewart Flanged iron
Superb playable rare club
€ 80,00Robert Forgan, St Andrews, Spade mashie
€ 90,00Tom Morris Mashie iron ± 1925
Tom Morris Mashie iron ± 1925